Tuesday, August 19, 2014

World Photography Day!

 With the advent of DSLRs, digi-cams and smart phones, photography is a readily accessible medium for the common man to showcase his skills.On social media platforms like Instagram, everyone seems to be trying their hand at an art that seemed very restricted before. From funny ‘selfies’ to serious portfolio shoots, photogtaphy endows an individual with the power to capture and preserve the memory of a special moment in just one click.
In Wake Up Sid, Sid’s passion for photography is portrayed beautifully. For every photographer, the lens of his camera is the medium he uses to connect with the world. Sid was also sailing in the same boat. Sid's perspective of Mumbai was completely different to that of a regular person. According to Sid's mother, Sid inherited his love for photography from his father. This inherent skill made him fall in love with life around him.

On this World Photography day, cheers to all the amazing photographers who capture moments and emotions instead of people and things!

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