Wednesday, August 13, 2014

6 Din Ladki In

Aman had a solution to everything- for Dadi and her friends’ singing rehearsals, for Shiv’s desire to play basketball, for bringing together Jiya’s broken family and to fix Naina and Rohit’s broken heart by bringing them closer in Kal Ho Naa Ho.
He just wouldn’t let Rohit give up on his love for Naina. He did everything possible to ensure they came together even though he loved Naina. Aman helped Rohit win Naina’s love!
Aman had a simple funda about girls, “The more you run away from them, the more they shall chase you to get your attention.” Here’s Aman’s six day plan to help him get the girl of his dreams!

‘6 Din, Ladki In’

Day I: Sit next to her but don’t talk to her
Day 2: Don’t talk to her again today and sit elsewhere to make her jealous.
Day 3: Don’t meet her today. She’ll try calling you, curse you and then go off to sleep.
Day 4: Have a cool attitude, walk casually; Talk to her confidently and pour your heart out.
Day 5: Flirt with her & gift her something really elegant
Day 6: Spend time with her even if it's joining salsa classes, tell her how you feel

That's all it took for Naina to realize that Rohit had become more than just a friend.

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