Sunday, June 13, 2010

MNIK heads for international shores

Every filmmaker wishes for his or her movie to be appreciated and loved by the audience with Karan Johar being no exception to this rule. ‘My Name Is Khan’ stars India’s greatest actors Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. It is co-distributed by both Dharma production and Fox and has seen quite a few international screenings ranging from USA to Germany to France

Fox is leaving no stones unturned in giving the international audience an Indian preview. With a good word in from reputed international critics, it is quite an accomplishment for an Indian film. Karan Johar is quite pleased with this development and has said “That's right; the film was reviewed very well in all New York papers. We opened in a very limited engagement at Angelica Film Center where only prestigious art house cinema from across the globe is screened. It was a matter of pride for us to see people so much interested in our film. The film has indeed transcended across boundaries."

Although the DVDs of the movie have released in India Karan is confident that the international release will garner an audience as the international DVD has not yet released. Although reported that the film received a lukewarm response in the Indian box office, Karan refutes the claim saying "Well, in India MNIK has been a huge hit. In overseas, it is the biggest ever hit. See, MNIK is a very different film. It is not your quintessential entertainer. It doesn't have comedy and popular music which is staple diet for Bollywood followers. Still, it netted 75 crores just in India. Even in overseas, it has been the number one grosser ever. If we talk about the cumulative business between Indian and overseas, it is amongst the Top 3 Bollywood films ever".