Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parents ka funda!

Kabir Thapar aka Bunny conveniently qualifies as the easy going guy; but he seldom shares his inner thoughts...even with Avi & Aditi. But with Naina, Bunny can be himself. He can share his fears, regrets, dreams with her! Just like Bunny made Naina realize her beauty, Naina became the reason for Bunny to express himself.
Of the many beautiful moments between Bunny and Naina, this one’s a deleted scene while exploring Udaipur. Bunny compliments Naina on her equation with her mother & regrets how he had never shared that comfort level with his dad.

Isn’t this something each one of us face while growing up?
Naina then shares ‘Parents ka Funda.’ Parents are happy when we are happy! “Kisi se kuch milne se badi khushi hai.. unhe kuch dene me!”

Naina also asks Bunny to share his most favorite thing with her but Bunny, being attached to his dreams, couldn’t. Though when he asks Naina to do the same, she shared her Ganesh idol with him without blinking!
Watch this cute scene between Bunny & Naina here- 

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