Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Be Yourself!

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…

The very mention of the movie brings back many emotions, falling in love with the characters, those favorite scenes and dialogues, the times we’ve cried and fallen in love with the film. Undoubtedly, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai shall remain one of the most special films to us.

When Rahul narrates the tale of his friendship to his daughter, he introduces her saying,

“Anjali… Doosri ladkiyon ki tarah toh thi hi nahin. Who toh bas hum ladko jaisi thi. Pata hai? Sab ladkiya make up karti thi aur Anjali… Anjali basketball khelti thi. Aur kapde, who mere jaise pehenti thi! Haan sach! Jhalli thi meri Anjali, sajna, sawarna, khoobsurat lagna, yeh sab toh uska aata hi nahin tha.”

Yes, that’s exactly how Anjali Sharma was in college, Rahul’s best friend. Until Tina arrived and Rahul started falling in love with her, just like Anjali started realizing her love for Rahul. And then we all know what crazy things loves makes us do!

Voila! The tomboy Anjali Sharma was all girly the next day in college to everyone’s surprise. She wanted to be liked, she wanted to be accepted, and she wanted to look beautiful just like Tina. But people laughed at her, Rahul laughed the hardest. But he also reminded her, “Tum bahut khoobsurat ho, kyunki tum sabse zyaada alag ho. At least tum un stupid ladkiyon ki tarah toh nahin ho jinke peechhe main bhaagta hoon!”

That’s all about it, we are loved and accepted for who we are and if learn to be comfortable in our skin and respect our differences! that’s the way to be, that’s what life teaches us, that’s what our movies teach us! :)

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