Friday, August 1, 2014

Find some time for life!

Rat race, competition, networking, job pressures, tensions, responsibilities is a never ending story in our life that’s why everyone deserves a break. All work no play makes Rahul a dull boy! And that is exactly why every Rahul deserves a Riana in his life, who will loosen him up and help him let go those worries that stop him from expressing himself. While you’ve slogged all week coping with the pressures of your life, take a break this weekend, go meet some friends, watch some Dharma movies, and do all that you love, just like Riana. Riana Braganza is the perfect example of living life. She does what she likes, she doesn’t confine herself to unnecessary pressures and never loses hope of a better life ahead! She’s cool, she’s fun and she is honest about her achievements and shortcomings. There is no second thought that she is the best friend Rahul could find in his ‘Oh So Serious’ life. We all need to have a Riana in our life or be one in someone else’s. If we can get another opportunity to do what we didn’t is a matter of luck, but that one time opportunity should not be missed! Make the most of life- live, love and laugh! 

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