Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winner of 'Watch & Win' Contest is...

The response to the contest was mind blowing! Thanks you guys and hope you all enjoyed it :)

The winner of the contest is... 'Rock De'!

Her Answers:

#1. that a night he got too drunk that he got married to a hair stylist. "hajaam" ;)

#2. Talli hai ye zameen
Talli hai aasmaan
Sab talli hai yahaan
Mujhse baahein na chhuda
Kahin kho naa jaa
Jo bhi hoga "I am with you"

Ek main hoon aur ek tu
I wanna be with you
Tere peechhe-peechhe main
Mere aage-aage tu
I wanna be with you
Ek main aur ekk tu

#3. Milk shake mein bur bur karna band karo bahut irritating hai

#4. Yellow frame n blue glass

#5. Central Market

'Rock De' Kindly send in your details at to collect your prize :)

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