Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winner of 'My Angel Story' Contest!

It was an amazing experience to read such inspirational stories. Thank you for sharing it guys :) Unfortunately, there can be only one winner and the winner is....


His Angel's Story:

"My Angel is my best friend, Sakshi. I had always been a reserved, simple kind of a guy since my schooling days. Now i am doing my 2nd year and i was still leading that reserved life. I hardly had fun and lived a routine boring life. It was then when she shifted to the flat just below mine and we gradually became friends. Our common interest was music and i remember the first time i went to her home and her family asked me to sing, i was damn shy. But she is such a sweet magical person that she did wonders on me. Our bond became stronger and gradually the fun loving person within me started coming out and today i am a person full of confidence. My personality has improved like hundred times. In her i found a friend with whom i could be the real me, shed all my inhibitions and be the person i actually am, than the one i had been living my life for till now. In short she changed my life and changed it for the better. I love her a lot and thank god for bringing her into my life. Love You Sakshi, my best friend, my Angel :)"


There are more contest your way so just stay tuned because it can be your name here next time :) Cheers!

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  1. Thanks a lot for choosing me as the winner. I am really overwhelmed that something so special to me has connected with you guys the most. Thanks again :)