Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mandwa Samachar Contest Results

The names mentioned below are the lucky winners of 'Mandwa Samachar' contest. 

Over 175 responses with some really well thought one liners and tag lines. After a thorough review, the following participants won the contest for coming up with some really creative tag lines for 'Mandwa Samachar'.



  • rupz0907

  • Himanshu Dhamija

  • Shashank Panchbhai


    Winners: Please email your residential address to and get your tablet of 'Mandwa Samachar'





  1. awww... i also gave a very creative one... aren't there any consolation prizes?

  2. Hey Admin, I know I haven't won but it took me almost two hours to make it. Learnt how to use Photoshop & all. Wasn't this cool enough? :

  3. hey KARAN JOHAR sir hi my name is richard from ur dads movies till u have created the last movie every movie i watched i am a youth , really feel priviliged that there are directors and producers like u where the indian cinema or movies have gone far abroad to each and every corner of the world ,, sir it would be really very good if u can take me into consideration for any contest or of that any chances of getting for a job ..thanks richard

  4. Thanxx a ton!Details sent from!!!

  5. Thank you so much, I have sent the address detail from

  6. thankssss...a million. details sent from: