Monday, November 14, 2011

Most 'hatke excuse' CONTEST

Sam & Kunal gave the most hatke love story to get permission for living in Neha's apartment!!

Give the funniest and lamest excuse that you have used to get what you wanted...

The most hatke excuse will get a Dharma goodie!! :)


  1. My family was opposing my habit of drinking beer,and I was caught red-handed one day.MY Mom scolded me a lot.But then "My Dimag Ki Batti" lit up and I straightly went to a friend of mine who is Doctor,later I came back with a prescription from him which prescribed that It is necessary to have a glass of beer because it will cure my Constipation and I will be much healthier than I am.There on I am quite happy to chill without any scolding from my "MOTHER INDIA".

  2. Initial days during the job are usually boring, it was getting rigorous and very hectic. The trainings were very boring as it was getting monotonous.
    To bunk the training was very difficult so the best excuse i gave was I kept my hands on my chest and started acting as if i was getting chest pain. Also coughing at the same time. Applied water on my forehead to show i m sweating. This created a panic and I got a break for 2 days. This was not a funny excuse but surely it worked for me.

  3. I Wanted the picture of kool chik,
    i met her in gym , she was new, so i approched her, and started talking and later, i said i am fitness trainer,as a fitness trainer i must say .. u have got perfect Body,.. and i would like to have a picture of you so that we can promote our club ... and blah blah ... and later she agreed and finaly i got that picha !! ;) HEHE !!! Think Smartly Act Wisely !!!

  4. I am a shopaholic. I love to buy clothes. And to buy clothes, I obviously need money from my dad as I don't earn yet. The lamest and the funniest excuse I have given to him was :
    "Dad I don't utilize your money to booze like my friends, I don't have any bad habits..khaali tann dhakne k liye aapse kuch money maangti hoon..bus..aur tann dhakna thodi na paap hai? ijjat toh aurat ka gehna hoti hain na daddy..bus wohi ijjat bachaana chahti hoon" :P
    and my dad replies "bollywood drama queen, take the money" :D

  5. My office is 30km away from my hometown and i have my old car to drive always 60km i m very much tired driving non ac car and also company was not giving me petrol allowance so i decided to go late every day around 2 to 3 hrs and the same excuse(like puncher,battery low,starting problem etc) related to my car"Finally they provided me a AC car with driver "plan successful....

  6. Once in my college, I was in very much need of attendance. I had bunked one lecture of 1 subject in which I was in Defaulters list. I knew that she takes roll call so there could not be proxy. Still After lecture immediately I went to professor and told that I didnt got attendance. She told me that She didnt saw my face in the classroom. I told her that I was solving the sum given by her sincerely and she gave me attendance.