Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Contest Result... Most 'Hatke Excuse'!!

The Winner of the most 'Hatke Excuse' contest is...


Anjali's story:
 I am a shopaholic. I love to buy clothes. And to buy clothes, I obviously need money from my dad as I don't earn yet. The lamest and the funniest excuse I have given to him was :
"Dad I don't utilize your money to booze like my friends, I don't have any bad habits..khaali tann dhakne k liye aapse kuch money maangti hoon..bus..aur tann dhakna thodi na paap hai? ijjat toh aurat ka gehna hoti hain na daddy..bus wohi ijjat bachaana chahti hoon" :P
and my dad replies "bollywood drama queen, take the money" :D


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