Monday, November 28, 2011

Find Your Way Out Contest!

The Winner is....

Kartik Sachdev - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

His Way Out - 
Well ill just move towards her and would Direct Approach Her And would say Hi.. did u recognised me ? Then its sure she would say no, then i would say... i am rahul, your batch mate pehchana? long hair..? still she would give a confusing look,... then, i would rpl to her that dont worry ... i m kartik sachdev, was just trying to test my acting skills i have an audition today so !! and then chat would wht do u do ... wer u frm ... wer u goin ?? blah blah !! :P 

Thank you all for participating in the contest and if you din't win this one, no worries! More are on your way :)

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