Monday, August 8, 2011

Mothers are your Best Friends

Mothers are there with us in our worst and the best times. They would cry with us and for us… they stand by us in our tough times and motivate us to have the best in life. A mother does everything that a friend must ideally do. They compliment us even on our bad hair day and fight for us even against our weakest contenders.

Rahul and Maa portray friendship in the best possible way. Best friends don’t have to speak it out for conveying a message; they feel the happiness and the pain even in each other’s absence.  Distance and time gap puts no difference to the magnitude of this friendship. Rahul jab bhi Maa ke paas aata hai, Maa ko uska ehsaas apne aap ho jaata hai!!  ‘Maa ke haathon se bane laddoo se lekar maa ka aashirwaad’, are filled with love, affection and friendship!! My mother is my best friend… 

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