Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dialogue contest

Poo is leaving for Prom and is extremely angry for the fact that Rohan didn't ask her out for Prom night... She ends up wearing the most perfect dress with the most imperfect pair of shoes!!

All you got to do is... Come up with the funniest and craziest dialogue sequence for this scene... And we shall give you exciting Dharma Goodies!! Let the games Begin... :)

1 comment:

  1. poo-main prom jaa rhi hoon, dee se kehna main late aaoungi.
    rohan(holds her hand brings her closer)- main tumse ek baat kehna chahta hoon.
    poo- kaho
    rohan-keh doon?
    poo- kaho
    rohan-mai kehna chahta tha ki
    poo- kya
    rohan- mai kehna chahta tha ki mujhe laga ki tum
    poo(cums close)- ki mai...
    rohan- ki tum FANCY DRESS mai jaa rahi ho (laughs)
    poo- oh shut up tumhe kya pata fashion k baare mai
    rohan-zyada kuch nahi par dono pair mai alag-2 shoes pehnana to definatly fashion nahi hai