Friday, July 15, 2011

Dharma Production to bring back the Raichand saga

It has been ten years since the Dharma Productions’ smash hit entertainer Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham released and the good news still keeps rolling in. There has been speculation for quite a while now that a sequel to the movie would be a great idea, and would definitely be the next commercial smash hit for Dharma.

Admitting to the fact that K3G 2 is indeed in the pipeline, Karan said, “It’s a workable idea. I am no longer averse to it. It would be a bold step if I make it.”

It looks like the sequel is indeed a very lucrative idea, especially since all six cast members are equally excited with the prospect of acting in the movie. In fact, it was suggested by one of the cast members to Karan Johar in the first place.

Talking about the sequel, Big B even revealed on his blog, “It would be a story on the growth of the brothers and the problems that arise because of their independent understanding and working of the business empire of the father, a split within them and so on...” . We’re keeping our fingers crossed for now and hoping that we’ll get to know more about this very soon.

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