Friday, July 22, 2011

Hrithik turns Santa in July

It seems Hrithik is already in the Christmas mood!! Compared to the other B-Towners, Hrithik is more giving and generous in nature. The assistant director of Agneepath lost her iPhone on the sets of the film in Diu and when asked, a source from the sets recalls it to have happened about 10 days ago. The young and extremely talented Director Karan Malhotra's assistant director Bharati Kandhari was extremely saddened after loosing her phone while being on the sets of the shoot. A huge part of the unit as well as the locals from the area had come to watch the shoot. In this entire chaos, the phone might have got stolen, says a source. Everyone on the sets, including Hrithik had noticed the fact that Bharati was feeling extremely sad after loosing her phone.

Over the weekend Hrithik had to fly down to Mumbai for the shoot of his dance reality show which he is judging. That is when he had ordered for the same phone that she had lost in the shoot!! By then Bharti was recovering from the sad feeling of loosing her handset. On Hrithik's return to the sets of Agneepath, he casually asked her to look for the phone in some particular place where she could have misplaced it. When she arrived there, what she finds is the same phone but it was brand new and gift wrapped, all for her!! Adding to this generosity, the actor even got cartons of chocolates for the entire unit of Agneepath. Now that is one Dildaar Superstar!!!! ;)

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