Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reasons to Date a Nerd ;)

Here's wishing the dashing superstar Arjun Kapoor a very Happy Birthday.

We have seen him as Krish the boy next door in 2 states where he charmed the audience by his acting and nerdy looks. Presenting top 6 reasons why girls prefer to have a nerdy boyfriend.
  • They can live a problem free life since they love solving problems. Say goodbye to standing in long queues to pay the electricity bill
  • They organized and have a good memory. Yaaahoo… no problem in updating the science journal
  • Your TV viewing time won’t be split between football & your shows. Something which other girls can envy ;)
  • Don’t worry at all, they want take long to impress your parents. Finally a guy whom your parents would love you to be with
  • They are very committed towards you, your house and your doggie!
  • Above all, they are the perfect guy with whom you will love to spend your entire life :)
No wonder, Alia Bhatt aka Ananya loved her pairing with this cutie!
We wish Arjun all the love and luck for his upcoming movies :)

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