Monday, June 23, 2014

Humpty & Kavya spreading the Humpty fever!

What are the things required for a filmy love story? Guy trying to woo girl, they partying at a club, and then the duo falling in love. Yeah! That’s the perfect ingredient for any filmy love story!! And with the Punjabi munda Humpty & hot kudi Kavya, the film ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’ just has it all :D

The lovely duo, Humpty & Kavya have wooed their crazy fans with their filmy trailer, 2 peppy songs & 1 love song! Be it Kavya and Humpty dancing the night away to the beats of the party anthem of the year - ‘Saturday Saturday’ or Humpty flirting with Kavya throughout a party in an effort to win her affections even as she resists all his attempts in the song ‘Lucky Tu Lucky Me’... or just expressing their love for each other in the melodious song, ‘Samjhawan’… the lovely pair have left their fans wanting for more!!

The Humpty Ki Toli just can’t wait for the movie & the new songs that are yet to be released!! This filmy story has indeed caught the eye balls of millions of people who have shown their love by sharing the songs, posing for selfies & sending love messages for both of them :)

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