Friday, June 6, 2014

Saturday Saturday – First Look!

Here’s revealing the first ever poster of the party song of the decade - #SaturdaySaturday!

Humpty & Kavya are overwhelmed with the love of their fans and are ready to celebrate the biggest party ever with them! Want to know what is it? Well, they are going to launch the first ever song of their movie ‘Saturday Saturday’ which will make you dance everyday! Humpty & Kavya rightly call the song as the ‘Party Anthem’ and you won’t be able to miss this track the next time you hit the dance floor! The Humptyness will now take over the dance floors with sizzling chemistry between Humpty & Punjabi kudi Kavya :) Are you waiting for it eagerly? Stay tuned in as we reveal more details of your next party song because it’s time to party hard with Kavya and Humpty tomorrow on #SaturdaySaturday!

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