Friday, June 27, 2014

Be an 'Emotional Fool' with Humpty & Kavya

It’s completely ok to express your emotional side! Following your instincts and making your loved ones happy is something which everyone must do as it helps us to stay closer to them.

Humpty may be a liar but he’s surely a lifesaver. This Punjabi munda helps his college buddies to impress their girlfriends. So what if Humpty is a little weird by nature, he loves his father and spends time with him. Known for his passion towards Sachin, Humpty along with his toli enjoy the game of cricket.  Humpty doesn’t shy away from watching emotional Bollywood movies and expressing his emotional side while watching the climax scene of the movie. Humpty is indeed a man who loves expressing himself the way he is!

Spending time with family or sharing a cup of milkshake with a nerdy guy, Kavya surely knows how to respect and love people around her. The Punjabi kudi doesn’t mind cheating to help people who are in need. Despite of having the qualities of a super hot diva, Kavya is a sweetheart!

The rockstars, Humpty & Kavya indeed believe in expressing themselves and don’t mind being called #EmotionalFool! Check them out as they are all set to make you go emotional:

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