Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dharma Productions gets Innovative

Gone are the days when talent is picked up from the pool of institutions and colleges. It is the age of social media and it looks like Dharma Productions is pretty much savvy with the techniques of social media marketing.
The stereotype of story writing or story telling has taken a huge leap. Realizing this fact, the production house is having an extremely fun and interesting activity on their page. They call this the, ‘Humaara Hero… Aur Aapki Kahaani’ activity or ‘Our Hero… Your Story’.
 Anyone can participate in this activity and all that they have to do is to just log in to their Facebook account and participate in this activity on the ‘Dharma Productions’ official Facebook page. In this activity the participants will be given a situation from a Dharma Productions movie, using this participant has to conclude the further part of the scene, different from what it is in the movie.
There is no age or intellect bar to this and people can innovate and elaborate their ways of storytelling.
This proves that, gone are the days when you have to knock at the directors and producer’s doors to display your talents. In this century you just need a computer and internet to possibly become the next big thing!!

To participate in the activity, log on to: Official Dharma Facebook Page

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