Thursday, September 8, 2011

Agneepath trailer breaks all the possible records

In the past 2 weeks the audiences have been treated with trailers of some big budget movies that are going to release by end of 2011 or the start of 2012. All these movies look promising and are anticipating a big return on the release of the film.
Agneepath trailer, which was launched on the 29th of August 2011, has broken all possible records of viewership any Bollywood trailer has ever created! It has crossed a million views on the YouTube channel in a week’s time. The current number of views is about a million and sixty thousand. The numbers are increasing like a running taximeter and it won’t be a any surprise if it crosses a few more million by the time the second trailer releases during Diwali.
With it’s kind of star cast and movie plot, and now… the most watched & appreciated trailer, Agneepath might even be the most watched movie of 2012. The second trailer is coming to tease you… Very soon!! :)

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Watch the Official Agneepath Trailer here!!


  1. 1,689,565 views - 36 sec trailer

    1,081,352 views - agneepath 2 min trailer

    u no maths.....dnt u?????

  2. Ra.1 36 sec trailer was out 9 monts ago....
    and agneepath only 2 weeks
    @khushali you should better study variables in math