Friday, March 1, 2013

Touching Mother-Son Relationship!!

One of the most touching scenes from the movie Wake Up Sid, which struck a perfect chord with the audience was when Sid goes back home to meet his mother. A mother holds her son’s hand for a little while but holds his heart for a lifetime, which was so true because Sid’s mother completely adored him. Sid always disliked his mother’s over affection for him, however when he stayed away from home he missed her love and care a lot. When Sid met his mother they both looked at his childhood album and reminisced his childhood memories captured in the photos. When his mother tried to converse with him in broken English, he asked her to talk in Hindi which she is more comfortable with, to which she replied, “Maybe, if I start talking in English like your friends, we will also become best friends and you will spend more time with me”. This scene perfectly depicted a mother-son relationship leaving the audiences numb.

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  1. My favorite scene in the movie. Sometimes we can be very unappreciative about what she does for us and the sacrifies she makes for us. My mom is my bff and the love of my life. <3