Monday, March 11, 2013

Women's Day Contest Winner- Punkhuri Kapoor!!

Maa, my idol & my inspiration.I remember holding her fingers & the care she's taken of. She's always been a helping hand, a pillar of support, the reason behind my smile and someone who I can always look up to. She's always there for me no matter what, she's not just a mom but a super mom. She loves me for what I am and there's nothing she'd want to change about me. She supports me in every decision of mine & is a perfect woman I know of I remember screwing up my exams but one smile of hers is an energy booster, she'd tell me that yes I have the potential and that i can do it. She makes me believe in myself. She believes in making me independent and always wish for the best. She'd make me feel good even when I feel dejected or lost, she cats as a ray of hope & when she's around everything every moment becomes magical.She is someone who's seen me grow, who's brought me up, nourished & help me groom as an individual.These lines are solely for her -She has the power to create, nurture & mold.

Maa, meri maa,
pyaari maa..mummaa.. <3
I love you and will always do.
Sorry for hurting you at any point of time, it just happened but was never intended.
I know you'll forgive me everytime I apologise.

Maa.... maa woh hai jo humko itna pyar karti hai ki kabhi kabhie hum khud us pyar ko samajh nahi paate.....maa woh hoti hai jo humko ehsaas dilati hai ki hum kitne acche hai...humse accha aur koi hai hi nahi...maa woh hai jiski khushi hamari hasi se hai jiska dukh hamare dukh se...maa woh hai jiske bina hum jee nahi sakte..maa..maa sab kuch hai and mumma you're my everything.

Thank you god for blessing me with a mother like her.. <3

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