Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The ride continues!

The cast and crew are having a great time shooting for 'Student of the Year' and the dynamic locations are just adding to the excitement. Looks like the crew is planning to travel all over the world considering the locations they are travelling now.  As Mr. Karan Johar said, "Today is the first day of a hectic long schedule!!! From the freezing slopes of Kashmir to the thailand heat....SOTY covering every climate!" well with the change in locations, covering all climate it is.

While doing a shooting for 'Student of the Year' Karan cannot stop himself from praising Rishi Kapoor after his excellent performance in previous Dharma movie 'Agneepath' as Rauf Lala Karan praises the talent by saying "Such an honour to work with Rishi Kapoor...his versatility is unreal..Rauf lala to his portrayal of Dean Yoginder Vasisht in SOTY..genius!" well, we totally agree with you Karan, now don't we?

In the middle of the shoot Karan and Manish managed to capture this 'white moment'. Both the gentlemen are wearing white shirt and this is what Karan had to say about the picture "Manish and me...looks like we are posing for a detergent!!!!" funny as always :D

Stay tuned for more such amusing updates from Dharma Productions 

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