Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kill Kancha in AGNEEPATH || Dial 5464645

Announcing yet another face-off, newer challenges & trickier situations…Ready to take Kancha’s call??...Time now for the AGNEEPATH!

This voice contest is live on 5464645 across Reliance, Uninor, Vodafone, Tata Docomo (GSM &CDMA) & MTS

It based on Agneepath's character Kancha - as elusive as he is dangerous, as treacherous as he is ruthless and as evil as he is strong. But now we give you a chance to defeat Kancha to his death!

This service will simulate multiple situations where Kancha will work out his diabolic plans and challenge you to play through his tricks. There will be different levels where you will have to dodge and defeat him and his henchmen. The more the challenges you succeed in, the closer you get to him. Ultimately, you do not just defeat Kancha, you KILL KANCHA!!

Points To Remember
  • The contest shall be in Hindi.
  • The narration will be in the voice of a Sutradhaar (strong MVO) interspersed with Sanjay Dutt’s spots (dialogues &  laughter).
  • Overall 3 levels. Each level 6 challenges.
  •   Level 1: Reach Maandwa (Kancha’s stronghold); Level 2: Face Kancha’s men; Level 3: Kill Kancha
  • Dynamic set of challenges (individual challenges will vary every time a caller dials up the service)
  • Each right move gives you a score of 100 and makes you stronger to face the next challenge.
  • Each wrong move gives you a a score of -10 and makes you weak to face the next challenge.
  • Beginning of each level, Kancha will provoke the caller in his own style & voice (dialogues from movie).
  • Contest can be played multiple numbers of times
  • Gratifications: Autographed CDs, Movie costumes, movie tickets, T-shirts, mobile phones etc

Aapko pata chala hai ki ek daaru ke adde mein Kancha ka koi khaas aadmi kaam karta hai. Aapka agla kadam kya hoga? Adde par jaane ke liye 1 dabaye. Uss aadmi ko aapse milne ke liye kahin aur bulane ke liye 2 dabaye.

Right answer: Sahi aadmi se milna zaruri hai

Wrong answer: Galat! Aapka usse bulana aapko shaq ke ghere mein daal sakta hai


  1. cool contest....,but why hrithik is not here...? i mean his photo...../

  2. Love u Baba..... Really Your look really nice and powerful. Kanchaa rocks ......

  3. Kanchaa ko nahi mara ja sakata. ....Vijay ko hi marana padega....ha ha....

  4. love alll f y anyone nt promot

  5. sannnjuuuuuuu baaabbbbaaa lookkk awesome....