Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do girls choose to make someone perfect? Or do they choose the perfect guy?

We’ve all seen and loved ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’. We’ve laughed, cried and experienced every emotion with Kavya, Humpty and Angad. The movie did bring up one topic though; do girls look for perfect relationships or the perfect man? Or is it both? Here’s a reminder about the characters from the movie, hopefully after this list, you’ll be able to decide – 

1) Humpty is from Delhi and is usually roaming around with his best buddies and occasionally also decides to do his duty and take care of his dad’s bookstore. Angad, is a qualified doctor from America. 

2) Humpty has never been a great student but has found creative ways to pass his exams, like bribing the teachers, Angad on the other hand always seems serious about his career. 

3) Humpty can’t be bothered to work out, while Angad is more conscious about his fitness. 

4) Angad is an incredible cook, while Humpty would probably try and slice through an onion with the blunt side of a knife. 

5) Angad seems calm and collected at all times and never gets angry, while Humpty is a hot blooded male who will kill to keep his loved ones safe. 

6) Angad is clean and healthy, never drinks or smokes as he wants to stay that way. Humpty on the other hand always tries to live life to the fullest. 

7) Angad is always sharp, calculating every move, while Humpty is emotional and naïve at most times. 

So it brings us back to the question, what are girls looking for? 

Relationships are made incredible when two completely imperfect people look at each other and fill in the gaps to make their love perfect. It’s not too hard to choose, we all love that person who brings a spark into our lives, who knows what he/she is capable of and who we believe we can fall in love with. In the movie Humpty is that man. 

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