Friday, May 16, 2014

Dostana – do you still chuckle when you see this movie?

Do you laugh your heart out when you see the cute and lovely gay couple - Sameer & Kunal. Or do you skip a heart bit when you see the desi girl, Neha? Or just love the hopelessly complicated and funny lives of the three besties? Yes, we know it’s difficult for you to choose one amongst them!

It is crazy how Sameer and Kunal acted like they were gay just to rent Neha’s apartment. And if that was not enough, the lie continued in front of Neha’s boss –‘M’ aka Murli, the officer at the passport office and Sameer’s mother too! Phewww… Well, Sameer & Kunal take everyone on a ride!

But, between all the madness, there was a true relation that touched our heart chords…

It was the bond that Neha, Sameer & Kunal shared, who would make you laugh with every joke that they crack and you will drop a tear for every time they are sad.

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