Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Winter and Autumn are the Seasons for Love

Theweek of unlimited love and unlimited romance where,  romance is a mood an love is the feeling tagged along with this mood. Bollywood being the hub for romantic movies, what better theme than romance that would fit in the month of October  which is the beginning of Winter. This is the perfect month that fits in all the love birds acroos the world to love and confess. :)
A poll which was carried out on the Official Dharma Productions page too suggests the same. In which there were 1,432 votes in total for the options like,

  • Romance in Winter
  • Romance in Summer
  • Romance in Monsoon
  • Romance in Autumn

Winter got 951 votes and Autumn got 83 votes. This is more than 75% of people, who prefer cold climate appropriate for the moods to swing romantically. Thus it is agreed unviersally that, Love and Romance last forever but mood changes with seasons. :)

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