Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrating the season of love!

The season of romance is here, the Monsoons!!! Needless to say, we love the rains as they symbolize the various important emotions in life. The expression of love, happiness, the craziness and the sorrow. It's the ambience that the rains create that compels you to fall in love with them. Whether it's the smell of the first rains or the vivid moods they get you into, everyone simply loves everything about rains. And then, expressing yourself doesn’t seem as difficult as it earlier felt.
Remember Rahul and Anjali dancing to the silent music of the rains in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Or Aisha and Sid realizing their love, dreams and passion in Wake Up Sid? Even the otherwise reclusive Vijay expressed his love for Kaali in the rains! Then there’s Rohit and Naina, strengthening the life long bond of their friendship in Kal Ho Naa Ho! Ask Simran from I Hate Luv Stories why a girl loves the rains, and she’d say, ‘’To fall in love!”
We agree!
The monsoon is a season that deserves not just celebration, but the feeling of it to sink in! The dark clouds, the rainy days, hot cups of coffee and Dharma movies will do the rest for you.

So don’t miss this chance to celebrate in the rains & get drenched. Happy Monsoon ;)

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