Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Audiences give Gippi a thumbs up!

Just 24 hours have passed since the trailer has been released & Gippi has already made a space in everyone's heart. The audiences haven't stopped raving about how cute Gippi's character is. A large part of the audience could relate with the transformation that Gippi goes through in her teen. Here's what some of them had to say:

A fan said, "I can sooo relate to this! every single shot is how I'm like at school, what my mom does to me, how people judge you at school, how awkward it is to sit/stand or to have a locker beside the hottest guy who is also your crush.... it all has to do with growing up... Thank you Puberty and THANK YOU GIPPI and DHARMA PRODUCTIONS :P :) <3"

Another one said, " awesome...
haven't even seen the movie, but started loving her already.. was reaallly waiting for such a movie to come out"

Watch the trailer now: 

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