Friday, October 10, 2014

Naina & Bunny – True love always comes back

The problem with trying to “find” love in our dating lives is that too often we don't realize the person who we truly love has been by our side all along. They may be a friend that we overlooked, or an acquaintance that we just didn’t get to know well enough. But the saying “Love conquers all” holds true in such situations, as our true love always finds a way of coming back into our lives.

In ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ we see how Naina & Bunny find true love through their friendship, when they embark on a magical trip into the Himalayas with a few of their friends. Naina is a shy and nerdy medical student in college and probably why Bunny doesn’t fall for her at first. On their journey to Manali with friends, the two begin to open up and share their experiences with each other. Naina, for the first time drinks with Bunny, as he tells her of his dream to roam around the world. They share a special moment and he expresses how he never wants to settle down, or have anything to hold him back from living his life the way he wants it. Naina begins to fall in love with Bunny but never expresses her feelings to him. Towards the end of the trip she is heartbroken to find out that Bunny has taken admission in the Northwestern University in Chicago, and that she may never see him again.

8 years down the line, Naina and Bunny meet each other at their friend, Aditi’s wedding, in Udaipur. Bunny and Naina rekindle the bond they had, and go on a tour of Udaipur together. During the tour they share a moment watching the sunset together where Naina tells Bunny about how she believes that instead of doing everything in a rush, it's better to enjoy something while you can. During one of the evening parties, Bunny finally realizes his love for Naina as he was listening to Aditi speak about her love for her husband, Taran. He searches for her at the party and they end up confessing their love for each other.

The one thing we can pick up from this very amicable film is that your true love will always come back to you if it was meant to be! So if you are a hopeless romantic like these two, stop searching for the girl or boy of your dreams. They will come to you eventually if destiny has it written, and you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of being in love with your true love!

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