Saturday, May 2, 2015

9 Reasons Why Every Guy Needs A Girl Best Friend

Friendship between a guy and a girl is not frowned upon anymore and in fact they can be the best friends possible. Surprised? Don’t be, because we will give you 9 reasons you’ll totally agree with.

1. She understands girls

Any guy, who has a girl best friend, will swear by this fact. A girl best friend knows the tricks that girls use. Having a girl best friend means you know the inner details which help you go ahead in the race to get the one you like. Vice versa she can also advise you against choosing the spoilt apple.

2. She is mentally stable

Guys often have a habit of going off the handle. This is where a girl best friend with her calm demeanor comes into the picture and saves the day. Don’t believe us? Ask Sid, whose best friend Laxmi was always there when he needed the most.

3. Guys need that maternal affection
Guys crave for affection, and in testing times, a girl best friend is just the person a guy needs by his side, someone to soothe his nerves, like Neha did for both Kunal and Sameer in Dostana.

4. It is good to have a different opinion

Girls have a thought process that is different from most guys. When you are out of thoughts on certain issues, a girl best friend can instantly sweep in to provide a different perspective that might turn things around.

5. She is a great shopping partner

Whether it’s your Valentine’s Day gift or your own wardrobe needs a makeover, a girl best friend is the best company that a guy can have. She understands what’s best for you and unlike other girls has a genuine concern for your wallet.

6. You are never alone in a party

Come party time, you always need a partner you can rely upon. For those having a girl best friend means that you never have to worry about such a scenario.

7. Your parents trust her

If there’s anything that parents fear most, is their son going on the wrong path. With a girl best friend, they can be rest assured that he is in good company. The same way, Sameer’s mom trusted Neha to be with the former.

8. You can tease her all you want

Out of all the points mentioned, guys having a girl best friend will agree to this fact with much fervor. Teasing her just gets the guy the mood upswing that he needs. And all this, because she’s a better sport than any guy friend can ever be. Rahul in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai can vouch for that.

9. Arguments only strengthen their bond
Rahul and Anjali in KKHH argued over every little thing, but it just made their bond stronger. That kind of trust can only be there with a girl best friend because you know; the relationship will still be the same no matter what.

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