Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet the Parents

Most marriages around the world paint a picture of a boy falling in love with a girl, asking her to marry him and if she agrees, they get married. But in India, this process is a bit more complicated. First the boy and girl fall in love, then the girl’s parents meet the boy. Next, the boy’s parents have to meet the girl. Finally, the boy’s parents meet the girl’s parents and only if they get along with each other does the couple stand a chance at getting married! Confusing, isn’t it?

Ananya and Krish were also left perplexed when they realized that falling in love was just not enough to get married. It is a common saying in our culture that when you get married, you don’t just marry your partner, but also the entire family! ‘2 States’ is a movie about one such comical situation where Krish Malhotra (Arjun Kapoor), from a family who is very proud of their Punjabi heritage, meets Ananya (Alia Bhatt), who comes from a conservative Tamil Brahmin family. The culturally opposed parents start off warring making the union of North and South seem almost impossible, from the very first time they meet.

To win over Ananya’s family, Krish leaves his family in Delhi, and starts a banking job in Chennai. He tutors her younger brother Manju, gets Radha (Ananya’s mom) an opportunity to sing at an event for his workplace, and helps Shiv (Ananya’s father) create his first PowerPoint Presentation. While Ananya impresses Krish's family by saving his cousin's wedding from being cancelled due to a dispute over dowry. With this and a few more hurdles, finally the couple manage to convince their parents despite the dissimilarities.

Due to varied cultural differences in society, it can be very difficult for two families from different cultural backgrounds to come together and agree to let their children get married. ‘2 States’ is a must watch for anyone going through similar situations in their love lives. It will inspire you to fight the odds and marry your one true love!

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