Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Reasons why summers are the best season of the year

Believe it or not, summer is the best season there is to be outdoors and live life fully. After chilling winters, summers come as a blessing adorned with the hope of living our wishes, contently.

Planning for summer is always fun as there is so much to get your hands on and well, the season lasts for just 3 short months. It is a season to frolic and Dharma movies bring you some of the best ways to enjoy it.

Let’s pack our bags with few Dharma ideas:

1. The season of colors is just around the corner and so is your heart dancing to enjoy the day with your loved ones.

2. Summer brings along with it brightness, awesomeness and liveliness. You can’t wait to flaunt your fashion sense with the summer shopping you just finished.

3. Outdoor sport activities are best complemented with summer. Go hiking in the mornings and swimming in the evenings. The weather and the water is just the right temperature.

4. Night camping and mountain trekking was never so much fun. Grab a pair of sneakers and step out into the world of adventure, only in summer.

5. The best part about summer is – it’s holiday time! Schools and colleges rest. Kids are hyperactive. Plan the family holiday you've been waiting for.

And if you are too lazy to step out, stir yourself a fruit smoothie and watch a movie. A family drama such as K3G or a love-hit like KKHH can be a super treat.

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