Monday, March 5, 2012

"SOTY is my last stint at young film" - Karan Johar

Karan Johar has been real busy with the shooting of his upcoming movie Student of the Year. Recently he tweeted about his shooting schedule in Delhi “Am shooting the last day of the schedule in delhi....” as the shooting comes to an end in Delhi, Karan revealed some exciting news about the movie.

Firstly, Karan seems immensely impressed with the three kids in the movie and has announced about releasing their exclusive images on Twitter, a social media platform soon. As Karan said, “the 3 kids in SOTY are lovely!!! Sid has a silent strong charm....Varun has a real fun bratty appeal...Alia is vivacious and super cute!!!” After all this, it will surely be a treat to see their images! But it doesn’t end here, if you have been wondering when the movie will release, here is your answer, “For everyone asking SOTY is short for STUDENT OF THE YEAR...the film i am directing currently and will release in the fall of 2012!!!” straight from Karan Johar.

While shooting for Student of the Year Karan also felt nostalgic by remembering his first directorial movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, “At heart i think i was born old....even at 25 i felt more easy directing the second half of K2H2” it s clearly visible that dhooting the youth life makes him feel older and the same in Student of the Year. While shooting amongst the youngsters Karan is feeling older than he is suppose to, the same is visible when you read his tweet. In addition, he also mentioned that since he will be turning 40 this year, working with the youth makes him feel all the more old and this might be his last youth film, “Am going to be 40 in may!!! And filming with these 20+ actors has made me realise this is definitely my last stint at a "young" film!!!” this surely must be depressing for all Karan Johar fans. However, Karan believes in doing what is best for his movies and this way, he would give chance to more new talents who understand the current generation better.

With all this, it will be exciting to watch how Student of the Year will turn out to be, releasing this fall.

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