Friday, March 9, 2012

Dharma Women

Women play endless role and are an important part of our lives. Everything is incomplete without them, even the Indian film industry. This can be seen in various Dharma Movies, where women have been marked as a pillar without whom the movie would not make any sense, not only this, Karan has successfully portrayed various shades of women through the different characters in Dharma Movies

Starting from 'Gumrah' released in 1993, a story about Roshni who fights against the injustice done to her with courage and strength.In Kurbaan, another character Avantika portrayed the characteristics like courage, loyalty and Independent when she is betrayed by her own husband and fights against terrorism. Other special mentions include Mandira Khan - wife of Rizwan Khan, who pushes her husband away just to receive justice for her son. Similarly, there is Nanadini Raichand, Anjali from K3G. Tina and so on.

Dharma dedicated a whole day to it's Dharma Women. Click here > to pick your favorite Character!

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