Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shower Your Love

Dharma Productins established in 1976 by (Late) Yash Johar, has produced more than 20 selective and outstanding movies till date. Known for experimenting with movies Dharma Productions has managed to create a reputation in the industry which is irreplaceable.

After doing the great work, Yash Ji's talented son Karan Johar in 2004 took over the business and Dharma Productions has just climbed up in terms of success by God's Grace. Today, the CEO of Dharma is Apoorva Mehta and we have come a long way... 

During this splendid journey Dharma has gained fans whom we are glad to have and every fan has a different way to express their feeling for Dharma Movies and people associated with Dharma Productions. Karan Johar who is loved by millions for his talent and movies, has a great fan followinng and recently we received this awesome gesture from a fan who made quite an effort for Karan Johar and he really like it :) 

Thank you for your love and support. Always a pleasure to connect with our fans... For now thank you Gohar Baghramian! 

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