Friday, May 4, 2012

It's all about Sid

Dharma Productions wants to make sure that their fans apart from getting the latest updates on Dharma Movies are also having a great time being a part of Dharma!

Our awesome fans who are associated with us through Facebook and Twitter give us tonnes of reason to smile everyday and when they are doing this how can we be behind? To make them feel special we just think of excuses to give them exclusive Dharma Goodies :) Today, like our many excuses we came up with an interesting and fun - filled contest called 'Sid's Life Story - Contest'. The fans had to give a wacky tagline to 'Wake Up Sid' and the one whose taglines stand out from the rest wins.

The response was just amazing! Loved the fans enthusiasm with over 100 replies but sadly winner can be one... :( But don't worry more interesting contest will come up soon!

And hey did we mention, Sid had stopped by to check on the contest ;) 

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