Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rohit Shetty joins hand with Karan Johar!

It is such a pleasure to announce that there has been another addition in Dharma Productions and this time it is not how it has been lately.. Hearing new names but an established Bollywood film maker Rohit Shetty! Both of them come from a different background and make completely different movies. So if you are wondering how did this work out for both of them- it's pretty simple. Both of them are passionate about movies. They both also have abundance of knowledge and experience in film making.

After reading all this, it will be interesting to watch how the movie will turn out to be. No work has started as Rohit has some commitments to finish and once that’s done, they will start the work on Dharma's movie and the cast out. They will make the big announcement as soon as they will come together and everything is finalized.

It is great to have Rohit Shetty with us and hope awesome news like this one, keeps coming in! 

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