Saturday, January 21, 2012

Imran vBlog 8 with a twist!

Yesterday we released Imran's vBlog8 but this vBlog was different than all the previous ones. It took place because of situation like this On a location they finished the shoot earlier and the location was available further for 3 hours, so they decided to have a ‘Pool Party’.
Imran had a blast with the crew during the pool party. “It was fun dragging and pushing people into Pool” says Imran Khan. So here it is, the whole cast & crew enjoying a pool party!

However, Kareena Kapoor the lead actress of the movie was missing in the whole video, now this is where the curiosity begins! They will be revealing the mystery behind her disappearance in this video in next vBlog! This vBlog has already  generated more than 2,000 views in a matter of a day... And fans cannot wait for the next vBlog to release.

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  1. i was the winner of what sid is thinking.when can i expect to get my prize.many days has passed but i got no reply from your side. i have already send my details...