Monday, December 30, 2013

Family: Where life begins and love never ends.

A family is the one who teaches you to laugh, to rejoice, to share, to love. The greatest happiness is gathered when with family. The first step of a perfect family is based on care and love. Parents are the ones who put their arms around you when you are facing some difficult situations. A close family bond is like a safe harbor, where we feel secure and where we trust that we have someone always there to whom we could turn to when we need them the most. This bonding helps to build a trust and hope that, no matter what, we have people to be with us in our toughest times.

Raichand’s is the best example of tradition, trust, hope, culture, morals and family relationships. They showed us the completeness of family is when every member of the family is one. Anything can be won when you have your family by your side.

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