Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pandemonium at Agneepath sets

Recently we posted about Hrithik’s unfortunate incident at the Versova set while shooting for ‘Agneepath’ remake. They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, we’re guessing Hrithik is the exception to the rule. Once again while shooting, this time for the Ganpati festivals sequence, while dancing with the diya, there was an accident oil spill on his hand. To worsen the matter while shooting for the gulaal scene, an overzealous junior artiste got caught up in the moment and threw the gulaal in Hrithik’s eyes.

Pandemonium broke out when Hrithik cried out in pain and upon realizing what had happened, everyone rushed in to help Hrithik. He was made to sit on a chair, wash the gulaal from his eyes and later on cold towels and cotton wool was brought in to wipe the gulaal out. A doctor was called in as Hrithik was still hurting. Though Karan offered to can the shoot, being the professional that he is Hrithik offered to continue with the shoot.

Well we truly hope Hrithik doesn’t come across more accidents while shooting for ‘Agneepath’. Fingers crossed!

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